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tv   Right This Minute  NBC  November 25, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm CST

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it's time for some best of fall viral videos "right this minute". a farmer decides he's going to take a hill. see why he's about to harvest a bumper crop. a color blind man with special glasses gets a surprise that is -- >> super emotional on so many levels. >> why that t-shirt holds a message that lights up his life. bet you've never seen fall leaves like this. >> it's like a field of flowers, but they are trees. >> the amazing scene in blue with the season. plus, black friday bonus give away day means your chance to win an ipad mini or flat
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charity, nick, and gayle bring the best of fall videos, including the obvious way to see if something works. >> try it on your husband first. >> why testing a bark collar can be a shocker. >> by now a dog would have learned. >> exactly. >> we start with a small but mighty. >> that poor car has been b up. >> but it does the job. it struggled its way up this hill. engine screaming. >> well done. >> impressive. >> how could you not think, well, my go. >> i'm going to believe this is the little machine that will. watch for the driver.
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>> quickly jumps out the window. comes to a stop in pieces. >> you're right, the little tractor that will roll over. >> yeah. >> i don't speak russian, but i think what they are saying here is, "nailed it." >> heading to china for our next one. happens really quickly. you can see it, the highway, this car changes its mind. >> oh, wow. >> absolutely enormous impact. guys, it's an empty highway, this driver suddenly realizes last second that's my exit and turns hard, not hard enough. bangs straight into those things right there. honestly, had a big deal in saving the lives of everybody inside. in fact, they are crediting all three people inside the car were wearing their seat belts and as such, minor injuries. >> what a dummy. don't pull those moves. >> wear a seat belt, everyone.
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>> if this doesn't give you the feels, there is something wrong with your heart. this is from animal aid unlimited in india. residents in the area say that donkey has bitten over a dozen times. >> what the heck bit this thing? >> you're right, it was mauled. there you can see the mom so concerned about her baby. that yellow stuff on its face and body is turmeric. residents thought turmeric would stop the bleeding, but what she there you see somebody from animal aid picking her up and putting her into their rescue ambulance, but if you notice, mom is following right behind because that's her baby. she's like, wait a minute, these people are trying to take my baby. they, too, put her into the ambulance, pick her up from underneath her haunches. the good news is, she survived. you could see they have to work on her quite a bit, because she had bites all over her body. especially her torso.
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right, oli, mom gets up close, wait a minute, okay, taking care of her. >> real concern in her eyes, you see it. >> she really does, but after nursing her wounds, check her out now. i have to say, this part of the video is waiting for a disney movie because of this. mom and baby, baby looks great. what a beautiful animal she is. needed somebody to care for her. >> nothing says it's fall like the beautiful colors of the fall foliage. this video captures it so incredibly. video starts at palm state park, then over to boulder beach state park, then over. i've always wanted to see foliage change colors. i have a tree at my house that will turn yellow, but i've never seen the reds and oranges. it's like a field of flowers,
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>> great description for it. in the uk, this one is brown, cool, nice, but here there were purples, pinks, reds, oranges, greens. >> i grew up in the northeast. it's gorgeous. every bit as beautiful as you see here. >> why did you leave? >> the phrase is common these days, winter is coming. look at the expansion, as well. to have it so quiet. >> it really is so beautiful. it's mesmerizing. >> oh, look. i want that cabin. i want to live there. give me some high speed internet and i'm good. >> this video was captured by the guys on october 8th. >> green mountain. colorful than that.
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>> that's right, and today only as a bonus, a flat screen tv. >> two winners today. to enter you're going to need the buzz word, be at least 21 years old, and a legal resident of the united states or canada. >> the "rtm" buzz word is coming up in a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. >> there's a get together going on. that's pedro and he's handed an envelope. at first he's like what is this? you' g and he realizes that inside the envelope are color blind tests. >> that doesn't seem much of a gift. >> that's the thing, he is color blind. this won't do any good if i don't have glasses. >> they have the special glasses. >> yes, they did. inside the box there are glasses. he puts them on, steps out to the yard, it's a whole new world. >> that's game changing for so
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asking them questions and his wife tells him, just continue. when he gets to the last card, last one, daddy, what's on mommy's t-shirt? he stops, turns around, and the camera pans over to his wife. >> that is the best gender reveal i've seen. >> it most definitely is. on her shirt is a pink circle that says "it's a girl." that was the way she revealed the gender of their baby. >> that's awesome. that is super emotional on so many levels. >> yeah, she's emotional and excited because she got him really good, and he's just overwhelmed. if you're afraid of heights, prepare for what you're about to see. >> most of the country or land
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cover. >> why when this man takes a leap of faith, it lands him in our best of fall show. >> oh, goodness gracious. >> it wouldn't be a best of fall show without an awkward prankster. >> can i stay at your place tonight? >> no. >> see if he can get anyone to give him shelter. >> can i stay at your place? >> look at her place. brought to you by olive garden's perfect new pairings. perfect pairings for the i've asked the rest of my batch to help me present it. c'mon up boys! target has an extra 15% off! and not just on sunday... but on monday! and not just online... but in-store too! that's an extra 15% off... ? sunday, monday, online and in-store. ? we still got it! olive garden fills your holidays with new flavorfilled pairings
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when your skin is feeling rough and dry. closed captioning provided by -- now with 2x the shea butter. skin is soft, smooth, silky. gold bond. the best base jumping video of all time, but definitely in the top. >> you're jumping and you don't know where you're going. >> the of faith and i've never seen anything more accurate. this is one of the balconies. most of the country, or land or whatever, if there is land, is completely covered by this cloud cover. this fella figures, you know what, i have a great idea. >> he better hope to high heaven it works. >> gets himself settled, gives
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look at him as he just starts flying towards the clouds. just as he pulls his parachute, we get to see it from the other angle, as well. >> oh, goodness, gracious. >> you think he's safe? no, guys. look as he then flies into this cloud cover. you can see almost nothing. >> he's got to land. >> right? >> not like he's flying with instruments. eventually see the ground. that is some crazy, crazy low cloud cover. there is a big dirt area right here, which he aims right for the middle of. >> that was definitely exhilarating if that's what he
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>> according to doctors what you're about to see is the longest one of these recorded. you can see doctors in india standing with an x-ray because this young man was brought into them. he's 18 years old. he has grown a tail. that is real. this is not a real or fake segment. that is very real. >> how does that happen? >> doctors believe he may have developed a neurotube deformity while he was in the womb. this is a hollow tube the brain and spinal cord develop and they believe that was the problem. when you get 14, they believe it extended out of his body and kept growing. other ones have been documented. they've only been six inches long. this one is eight inches long. now he's 18, the family finally decided to do something about it. to me this looks like from the human past when we used to have tails. >> no, they are saying this is a deformity. >> you think? >> obviously, it is, but they
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often, obviously, but this is the longest one they've ever documented. >> you can see it. >> think about it, if you had that thing hanging between your cheeks and had to sit down, i don't think that would be comfortable. it's not a thong. >> can he wag it? >> no. >> he will have quite the tail to tell. >> it's been removed. the guys at big dog tv, they just love to push this is pretty funny. >> can i stay at your place tonight? >> no. >> he walks up to people on a college campus and asks, can i stay at your place? >> oh, heck to the no. >> why? >> why? have you lost your mind? >> maybe he's got a really good reason and story. >> there's creeper written all over this. >> for one night? >> look at her face.
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>> i feel like i don't have an extra bed or anything. >> see, what had happened was, i got a call, you know what, i got to go. >> why is he not asking any dudes? >> oh, he does. >> can i stay at your place? >> like my dorm? >> yeah. >>. >> yeah, i guess. >> for real? >> yeah. >> as the video progresses, he has a little back story. >> i got kicked out of >> oh, you live on campus? >> yeah. >> okay, i'll give you my number. >> okay. >> my question would be, why did you get kicked ou >> exactly. >> i g kked out, nowhere to go. >> i'm in a dorm, ion't know if i cld do . >> il sleep on thr, no one would know. ch,, yeah. >> amazing, a guy asking, girls saying no, guys saying yes, but if they reversed it and had a
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reckon 100% yeses from guys and girls. >> not a random chick. i'm cool. >> stranger danger. >> can i stay at your place? >> no. >> i'll see you guys next time. and still to come -- chaos at a family birthday party after dad -- >> grabs a handful of icing. >> why dad's sweet behavior takes the cake this fall. >> oh, yeah! >> plus, we've got a black friday give away perfect for your holiday wish list. don't miss the buzz word for your shot to win an ipad mini or flat screen tv next. is depression more than sadness? ?? it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ??
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this happened in the denmark strait between iceland and greenland. the photographer was on one of the tour boats in may of this year when apparently, waves, winds, and rising temperatures affect these icebergs that are in the strait during the summer season, so this is what happened. basically, their skin peels because they've been out in the sun. or in this case global warming. >> think about it, though, nick, this iceberg is kind of like
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the drink, because this one is about to be a little chip. as you can see, this thing is collapsing. and then it explodes. that's all that's left. >> looks like shaved ice. >> they need to pour syrup on it. i don't know why it's a thing, but part of celebrating someone's birthday also includes smearing cake all over their face. i don't know why. >> who does this? >> someone in this video doesn't think it's cool either. >> wait, wait, is he concerned
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>> maybe they suffer from their own cake ptsd. a lot of times parents smash cake in their little one's face for their first birthday. >> just let them eat it. it's going to end up on their face anyway. >> was it about the cake they were concerned about? smeared her with cake. >> little girl is so angry at her dad. little boy is freaking out. >> she's got her mama's back. she starts heading into the kitchen where dad is. >> oh! >> look at that. >> gives him a smack on the legs, walks back out. >> okay, mommy? >> she totally understands that's not okay. >> in about 20 years, this is the backup you want in the club.
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my brother, hey. time for the black friday give away. two winners today. one receives a ipad mini, the other a flat screen tv. >> to enter you need to be at least 21 years or older, and legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> enter on facebook, twitter, or both. >> let's reveal friday's buzz word. 's >> get over to, click on win ipad, and enter today's buzz word, deal. d-e-a-l. >> you definitelananany want to. two winners, one gets an ipad mini, the other a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody. a wife gets her hubby to test out the dog's new collar. >> what am i supposed to do? >> bark. >> why things are about to get
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>> who said you can't train your
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the destroyer. >> ladies, if you'd like to know if something works, try it on your husband first. sure it's going to be okay for the dog. >> is that a shock collar? >> maybe. >> amy posted this to our "right this minute" facebook page. this video features her husband lyle. she takes it and puts it up against his neck. >> what am i supposed to do? >> bark. >> woof. ouch! >> looks like it works. you see he got a little bit of a shock. right now it's on one. >> got to do it again. >> got to do it again? >> yeah, because it progresses.
3:57 pm
nine. >> this is only zero. >> zero? >> he didn't even bark. zero, oh! >> i love that he keeps applying it to his neck. he's been shocked twice. he should know it works. >> by now a dog would have learned. >> exactly. >> what am i, one? >> yes. >> i think one's enough. >> same thing with wives and husbands. one is enough. >> amy is thoroughly enjoying this. >> goes up to nine. >> woof. >> who said you can't train your man? >> bark. >> they did return the collar and the good news is, lyle no longer barks.
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thanks for watching, everybody. next at four...recount request the party behind the push to recount votes, and the republican response.and - black friday is underway. the special gift -- local shoppers -- rushed to get their hands on i'm shannon sims.and i'm steve
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today on live at 4 -- decision 2016 continues in two third-party candidates file paperwork demanding a
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officials from the green party and independent party filed paperwork within the hour -- asking for a party officials say they've heard from computer scientists and election lawyers -- who are raising questions about the election's a news conference this afternoon -- the group insists their push for a recount is not about the results. 12.21.58 we are not doing this to the benefit of one candidate over the other. we are doing this for the benefit of the american public, so we can trust that ourot party says they've raised more than 4 million dollars... which they intend to use to fund the 1.1 million dollar recount bill in wisconsin. the director for the state republican party issued a response to the possible recount. saying in part:"jill stein's decision to pursue a recount is absurd and nothing more than an expensive political stunt that undermines wisconsin's election process."


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